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Czech Republic

The detached department 'Prague Castle' of the Archaeological Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague (CZ) was established in 1925. It continues excavations initiated by builders and architects of Prague Castle since the Middle of the 19th century, as well as more recent excavations in connection with the reconstruction of Prague Castle to the Residence of the President of the new Republic of Czechoslovakia. Today nine archaeologists are employed in this department. They are mainly concerned with rescue excavations in the area of Prague Castle and its closest neighbourhood and the complex evaluation of the findings from older excavations. They also participate in various projects (e.g. the oldest Church architecture on Prague Castle, Medieval and Post-Medieval cemeteries, Processing of Glass from the Renaissance etc.), and present their work to the visiting public through exhibitions (e.g. Prague Castle Story) and conferences. In the framework of the AREA research themes, the department uses its own extensive documentary and iconographic archives to shed light on the past appreciation and investigations of the Castle.