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The Department of Archaeology and Ancient History at Göteborg University (SE) has for some years focused-among other themes-on the History of Archaeology, both as an academic discipline and a Practice: about half a dozen doctoral theses have been produced on this subject. The Göteborg participation in the AREA project has led to explore several issues through archives of national institutions, libraries and museums. The overall aim is to connect intellectual and methodological advances with the development of practises and strategies in the field itself, including the very instruments used; for excavation, illustration etc. The Göteborg contribution to AREA IV represents a continuation of earlier research but also promotes an interest in social aspects of how antiquarians and archaeologists communicated within the learned society. Of particular interest is the impact of the first conferences, which created an international scene with its protocols, presentation of news, handling of interpretative controversies and of course general European politics. This contribution should lead to a more realistic and reflexive history of archaeology, showing that information networks and personal contacts h