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Latenium, Archaeology Park and Museum - Institut des sciences de l'antiquité, Université de Neuchâtel (CH). The Latenium is one of the major archaeological institutions in Switzerland. Opened in 2001, awarded the < Museum of the year > prize by the European Council in 2003, the Neuchatel Archaeology Park and Museum also hosts the Cantonal Archaeological Service, several laboratories, and the Institute of prehistory of the University of Neuchatel. Extending from the Middle Palaeolithic to the Renaissance, its archaeological collections (as well as the related archival materials) are the outcome of a long-lasting tradition of heritage care and prehistoric research in the canton of Neuchatel - with a special emphasis on Neolithic and Late Bronze Age lakeshore settlements, and on the finds from the famous Celtic site of La Tene. Owing to the extensive excavation programs related to the A5 highway construction, present research focuses on pre- and protohistoric settlement strategies, as well as on the human impact on the transformation of regional landscapes. All those studies lean on the exploitation of the rich archival collections. Within the AREA IV project, the Latenium will contribute through an analysis on the changing roles and functions of museographic